International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
12.9 kg. ,   28.3 lbs.
Trevally, White    Pseudocaranx dentex
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Donovan Solomon
Date: 4/3/2023

After months of strong currents preventing me getting to the spot i call Jurasic, it all fell into place. approx. 8km offshore in about 60m of water a small plateau of reef comes up to its shallowest of 40m. It is a very special place that only has fish in summer. The anticipation was through the roof, the fishfinder was showing crazy activity. 1st dive of the day i landed on the bottom at about 43m and was swarmed with what seemed like the whole ocean. There was loads of amberjack, tropical yellowtail and green jobfish. However the fish that was all ontop of me was a shoal of white trevally, they didnt seem large, i had shot one 2 season ago of 10.6kg and i guessed the shoal in front of me and swimming around me were maybe at a push 10kg. These white trevally are absolutely my top priority but i want to get a better than my PB, they dont stay around after a shot. SO i let them pass once and i keep an eye in the distance checking if there are any bigger ones around, im distracted by the jobfish and amberjack everywhere. But i know they are not going to move away soon. The White Trevally come past me a 2nd time and i notice that there is a larger fish in amongst the shoal, i thought this is it, I lined up and as i pulled the trigger a small Amberjack got in the way but luckily without issue i stoned the trevally and easily swam it to surface. Only when i got to the scale did i realise that i beat my PB by more than 2kgs. WHAT A DAY!!!

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