International Underwater Spearfishing Association
Meritorious Award  
8.9 kg. ,   19.7 lbs.
Meagre, Brown    Sciaena umbra
Record Category: Meritorious

Diver: Tim Cooper
Date: 6/22/2022
Location: PORTUGAL

Whilst on a spearfishing holiday to Sao Jorge, I was hunting off the south coast with a friend of mine, Craig Copik. Just before 4pm on 22/06/22, I spotted what looked to be a sizable conger eel in the caves under a large boulder. I informed my dive partner and started to breath up. Once I descended back on to the fish, it poked his head out of the hole giving me a clear shot between the eyes. The spear entered the fish and exited at the back of his head. This left the fish with little or no fight left. I retrieved the fish on the same dive, then swam it back to to boat. My dive partner has held several records previously so we were well aware of the conditions of landing the fish singlehandedly. We continued fishing for a short period then once back at Urzelina dock the fish was weighed on two separate digital scales. The measurements of the fish were taken a little later at our accommodation and the photo of the equipment used was taken the following day once we had fully read the terms of registering. The fish was prepared in a Portuguese stew which was eaten the following day.

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