International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
8.5 kg. ,   18.7 lbs.
Jack, Horse-Eye    Caranx latus
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Kaci wegleitner
Date: 5/20/2022
Location: BAHAMAS

We were at a deep ledge that started at 45 feet and dropped off to 100+. We saw the school of jacks swim by us so we waited for them to circle back around. After ten minutes or so of diving the coral around us, the jacks made their way back and I got ready to dive while James spotted me on the surface and George went to get the dinghy to bring it closer. The school started to swim up and I loaded my pole spear, spotted the biggest one in the school I could find and made my descent. As I closed in on my chosen Jack , the school swam down and I put him in between myself and the rocky bottom at 45 ft. I took my shot and as he moved, I missed the intended area but still got a good holding shot just under the top dorsal fin. He took off into a deep crevasse and I let him take the spear with float line attached while I swam to the surface, the whole dive was roughly 45 seconds. I was met by my dive buddy at the top who kept the sharks at bay as I pulled the fish up to the surface and hugged it to my chest and swam back to the dinghy. I threw the fish in and we quickly got it to shore where we were met by Chelsea, James partner, with all the necessary items to properly submit the fish to the IUSA. The fish was exhausted as soon as I brought him to the surface and died shortly after throwing it in the dinghy so there was no need to brain it.

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