International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
4.5 kg. ,   10.0 lbs.
Bass, Kelp    Paralabrax clathratus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: mitsuki hara
Date: 5/24/2022

It was little cloudy but warm and calm nice diving day. I went to my favorite shore diving place with my buddy, around 1:30pm. Because of the cloudy weather past few days, water looked not too murky. I actually liked the water is not too clear ether because it’s easier to get closer to fish, vis was probably around 15ft. Water was warmer than past week, 61f at the surface and 58f at the bottom. I was diving for a while and passed many legal size reef fish. I did not shoot anything, but until I saw this big kelp bass(calico bass) on the edge of visibility. Even before I made the dive to shoot this kelp bass, I knew that I’m going to see a big kelp bass. Also because I understood this particular situation I’m going for, I knew which direction I should be looking at. It was all due to the combination of structure of kelp bed around it, bottom, surge, current, and other fish behavior. I made as quiet and smooth dive as possible. While I was going down I was observing other fish, this one dive looked good. Right Before I reach to the bottom, I found a small fish schooling. At the same time, I saw a shadow of a big kelp bass on the other side of schooling fish right on the edge of visibility. I guessed that it’s probably between 8-10lb, it worth the try. I made a slight right turn to get close, then aim. All my movement, I paid full attention to be as smoothest as I can,, so that I won’t scare the other little fish around me. If I scare the other fish around me, the kelp bass would be gone in less than a second. I think I did a good approach. The small schooling fish did not run away quickly but slowly moved out of my way, kelp bass did not get spooked. It saw me approaching eventually but it was also moving out of my way slowly like other fish around me does. I had enough time to secure the good aim. When I shot it, it made couple spin then started to swim, but the shaft is penetrated and slip tip is properly deployed. I felt the strength of the kelp bass kicking, I never felt that strong kicking of kelp bass. It got me excited when I grabbed the fish in my hand, it is my pb kelp bass for sure and could be 10lb. At the shore, I compared the fish and my 10lb weight belt, it felt they are almost same weigh. I decided to try properly weigh with certified scale at Spear America and It weighed exactly 10.0lb. We did high five, I could not pretend like a cool person, I said YESSSSSS!! many times and walked in circles. I am planning to cook the fish on my friend’s birthday party this Sunday, probably kelp bass coconut ceviche? Thinking what I’m going to make is another favorite part of spearfishing. Thank you fore reading, dive safe!

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