International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
6.1 kg. ,   13.4 lbs.
Tuna, Slender    Allothunnus fallai
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Kieran Andrews
Date: 4/26/2021

We were filming a locally produced spearfishing show. South Seas Spearo, approximately 20 Nm south of Kaikoura, New Zealand. In the vicinity of Bushett Shoals. Visibility was poor, but there was an abundance of sea life, including huge oceanic shoals of squat lobster. We had seen plenty of surface activity, from what we assumed to be slender tuna, and we thought we would have a go at spearing them. The school was moving quickly, but Nat's great boat placement put us ahead of them. Visibility was very poor, and some quick shooting was required to secure a fish. I took one cleanly (5.8kg) out of the first shoal, with a stone shot. After that school sounded, approximately an hour passed before I was able to get in with another school. As the school of tuna passed in the gloom of 3-4m vis, I was able to take a quick shot with my 100cm Beauchat speargun, and hit a larger specimen mid-ships. It was a short fight, and the fish was soon landed on the boat.

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