International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
30.0 kg. ,   66.1 lbs.
Seabass, White    Atractoscion nobilis
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Dr Kelsea Albert
Date: 4/30/2021

To date, there is no other female in the World, who hunts solo for White Seabass by kayak or shore dive in the way that I do. There is not a person out there who can say they put me on my dream fish and I LOVE that feeling. I found a slice of peaceful solitude, away from the kooks and crowds. I did not see any other boats on the spot location, no intel, no fish dope, no prior knowledge given to me about this spot. I found this fish by pure exploration on my own effort, from years of hard work, taking notes, and many miles paddled or swam in all sorts of nasty conditions. I do ALL of my own gear rigging, my own kayak kitting, my own conditions research. I do not use a fish finder, temp gauges, and I often forget to view my dive watch. I operate by really tuning in to the under water environment, instead of letting technology dominate my every move. I rigged my own gun, a Red Tide 120cm, to be custom, made my own bands, slip tip configuration, reel line and every other element that must be custom for a solo dive. This fish was found by pure lady balls, hard work, gut instinct, and was something I proudly earned. No reports, no help, no social media BS. There is no other woman who can claim they speared a seabass in this way and THAT is why I wish to record this one. I set out alone through surf, and set out for the long paddle ahead, knowing full well I'd have some aggressive headwinds and bad visibility. Persistence. I dove for hours, following a gut feeling. I saw the faint shape of a seabass on a deeper drop and I shot the gill plate corner. She bolted hard into the darkness, and I braced for the fight. She tied up at the very bottom in the darkest part of the kelp bed. Following the line below, I see her copper bronze shape illuminate the blackness. I dove down to dispatch her with my knife and release the line from my reel. I brought her back to may kayak, checked in with my best friend and Husband via phone and video texts to document my success and proof of not having assistance.  I secured my fish to my kayak the best way I could with ropes, as I would have to land it once again in surf. After dragging the entire mess quite a ways back, loaded up and headed to a friends house to help me weigh the fish properly.  I have enjoyed many meals from this catch already, with my favorite being seabass poke!   As many years as my body let's me do this, I hope to continue hunting this way, long until I am a salty old lady. I dont recommend anyone to hunt alone, but don't bother lecturing me on solo diving. I have zero regrets in what I've accomplished over the years by my own hard work to hunt this fish. I'm really proud of this one and the effort that went into making this hunt successful. I'll never forget this hunt for the rest of my life.

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