International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
10.5 kg. ,   23.1 lbs.
Snapper, Northern Red    Lutjanus campechanus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Skye Bailey
Date: 6/4/2021

My favorite time of year: Red Snapper season, but this year would be a little different. I was pregnant – 5 months pregnant and itching to get back in the water. We decided to go out with our friends John Ryan and Preston for a nice Friday session. When it was my turn to suit up, I was a little anxious and thinking to myself, "what if my wetsuit doesn't fit, what if I can't load my gun, what if I don't feel comfortable diving?" Luckily, the bump squeezed into my 1.5mm wetsuit. I had no problems loading my trusty KOAH. And, I felt weightless in the water. The viz was amazing. I could see the reef from the surface and spotted a large Red Snapper. I dove down, ready for the fish to spook since viz was so good, but she was territorial and never moved. I stoned her from above, pulled the fish up to the surface and everyone yelled in excitement that the pregnant woman outshot all the guys on the boat that day. Kyle, John Ryan, Preston and I all shot our two Red Snapper and called it a day. We got back to the house, started boiling crawfish, cleaning gear and weighing our fish from the day. To my disbelief, the first fish I shot was over 23 pounds! All the guys joked that I also set the record for biggest fish shot by a pregnant spearfisherman. I can't wait to show my son the photos one day.

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