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World Record  
5.2 kg. ,   11.4 lbs.
Dageraad Seabream    Chrysoblephus cristiceps
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Hennie Bonthuys
Date: 2/13/2021

Description of the Hunt 13 February 2021 – World Record Application Hendrik Wilhelmus (Hennie) Bonthuys We, myself Hennie Bonthuys skipper, our topman Jethro Belstead and my fellow spearfishermen Johan Boshoff went out on my rubber duck Crusader 5.4 meters called Bont Blasie on the 13th of February 2021. We were spearfishing at on of our favourite local spots called 19 Fathoms on the South Coast of Durban South Africa. The weather conditions were perfect, the water temperature was +- 25° Celsius at a depth of around 23 meters with a visibility of around 6 – 8 meters. I made my descend, my initial thought was that this fish was a Giant Trevally but coming closer to the fish I saw it was a Dageraad (common SA fish name), scientific name Chrysoblephus Cristiceps. I couldn’t believe my luck because this fish is not common in our warmer waters and it was really big for this specie. I took the shot with my 1.3m Rob Allen Spear gun and landed him instantly. On returning on shore and sending pictures to my friends they advised me that it could be a world record, so I immediately took the fish to my local spearfishing club the HUC (Hibiscus Underwater Club) where Don Solomon accompanied by Johan Boshoff weighed the fish on the calibrated Adam SHS 5. The fish weighed in on 5.19 kilograms, they also measured the fish and photos were taken accordingly. Was another great day spearfishing Hennie

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