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World Record  
5.6 kg. ,   12.3 lbs.
Plaice    Pleuronectes platessa
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Dr Kelsea Albert
Date: 10/8/2020
Location: DENMARK

Exploring some rocky reefs with sandy patches, I spotted a pretty large flatfish. I dove down with my Neritic Polespear and aimed right around its gill. When it exploded out of the sand, I was amazed at its size. It was almost unreal how big it was. Normally, European Plaice fish are at most 1-2 kg, but this one was a behemoth. My Husband and I weighed it an hour later at the dock and it went 5.6 kg. Stoked on a super tasty catch with a polespear!

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