International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
24.5 kg. ,   54.0 lbs.
Coralgrouper, Blacksaddle    Plectropomus laevis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Kunpei KOSAKA
Date: 11/27/2020
Location: JAPAN

Last night of the day, one of my local friend requested me to hunt big "Grouper", which is Coral Grouper. Actually it is one of his favorite fish to eat around the water off this island. Just before noon, after 1 hour of swimming at the bay, I found this big grouper swimming at the bottom. She looked curious to me, but at the same time I felt if I dove straight away to him right now, he will swim away. And I didn't want to shoot her at this situation, because behind her, there are some big rocks and holes at the sea bed, so if I shot her now, she will escape into them and the situation will get more tough. So, I decided not to dive right now, but tried to act like her company. I've swam like, "I do not care about you, mate.". After 15min-30min of rendezvous, I was feeling that she got more comfortable in swimming with me, and there weren't so difficult structures at the bottom anymore. I thought "This is the time" and took action slowly and silently. I dove into her with minimum movement and my eyes closed. It should be like "Ninja", Japanese traditional assassins. When I felt it's close enough to her, I opened my eyes, then charged the rubber. I started to aim her head, just after her curious eye, the stone shot. I released the tension of my muscles. The slip-tip precisely penetrated her brain.

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