International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.6 kg. ,   16.7 lbs.
Cabezon    Scorpaenichthys marmoratus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Talya Semrad
Date: 7/20/2020

Launched at 9 with our kayak off the beach in very foggy conditions. there were three of us. Myself, Dan flood and Dan Semrad. Once out at the rock, viz was very low, surge was strong and conditions weren't great. At approximately 11:30 am I make my final dive of the day. Honestly didnt think I was going for a record, just scouring the sea floor for a decent fish to take home. Spotted this toad in the seafloor and lined up my gun! Did not realise the size until I surfaced. I swam over to the float and pushed the stringer through the eyes. We loaded up and kayaked back to shore !!

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