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World Record  
7.5 kg. ,   16.5 lbs.
Snapper, Northern Red    Lutjanus campechanus
Record Category: Women Sling / Polespear

Diver: Skye Bailey
Date: 7/1/2020

Kyle called me around 4 PM to see if I wanted to go for a little after-work dive session. Of course, I was in. I loaded up my gear, met them at the dock, and was in the water in 15 minutes. I dove down on an artificial reef with my Neritic Polespear and checked a few holes. The first couple of holes had some small reds, but none worth shooting. I looked in the third hole and saw a big red snapper eye staring back. I lined up and took a shot, but my slip tip didn't stick. I came up confused. Was I too close? Kyle dove down to see if it was still in the hole, seconds later he came up screaming, "DIVE! DIVE NOW! YOU HURT IT REALLY BAD AND IT'S OUTSIDE THE HOLE!!" With my adrenaline pumping, I took the best breath I could and dove down to look for it. It was on the otherside of the reef twitching, barely swimming. I had hit the backbone with my first shot! I lined up and took a second shot on the snapper. This time it punched through high on the back. I swam the fish back to the boat thinking "there is no way this one is over 15 pounds." We drove the boat over to the marina and sure enough, it was 16.5 pounds, more than enough to top the current world record!

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