International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
5.8 kg. ,   12.8 lbs.
Triggerfish, Titan    Balistoides viridescens
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Patrick T. Ryan
Date: 5/12/2020

That morning the Ocean was pretty flat, and I was stoked, so I headed out like a fat kid to a pie eating contest. The water was merky for the Tuamotus at about 15m visibility so I decided to hop in with the Riffe Euro 120 instead of my larger bluewater gun. I quickly noticed a couple of large dark shapes at the bottom, so big a blind man on a galloping horse could of seen it, so I decided to investigate. I quickly loaded up the two 16mm rubbers that were weathered from the intense tropical sun and began my breath up. I knew I only had one chance at this and if I came in too hot they would spook off into the abyss, and if I shot at one the sharks would show up and ruin the spot, so I took my sweet time, got a nice deep breath, and rolled over the imaginary barrel in front of me initiating my duck dive. As my fins entered through the surface I began to kick ever so slightly, trying to keep the silhouette of my body as small as possible diving almost completely vertical with my gun held tight to my body not to spook the fish. After reaching negative buoyancy I stopped kicking and let myself drift down. Just as I was sinking down onto my target slowly extending my gun out, my first depth alarm went off at 15m and completely spooked the Triggerfish. I kept a watchful eye on him looking out of my peripheral vision. He seemed to disappear so I figured I should turn back for the surface and regroup. Just as I was about to break my profile and turn around for air an even bigger Triggerfish came rolling in slightly deeper just above the bottom. He stayed right on the edge of my range and started making a turn, so I didn't waste anytime and I pulled the trigger. It was a clean shot straight through the top of the head coming out the side. I made a quick turn back for the surface and started skull dragging this horse of a fish through the water column not giving it anytime to try to run. By the time I made the long swim back up I had the fish in my hands. As I broke the surface, the grey sharks were right on top of me so I grabbed the fish and chucked it in the boat just in time for lunch.

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