International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
44.5 kg. ,   98.1 lbs.
Trevally, Giant    Caranx ignobilis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Joseph K. Wall
Date: 5/8/2020

I was swimming in about 30 feet of water when a big black shadow caught the corner of my eye. I looked thinking it was a shark only to see it was a massive ulua swimming around. I tried signaling to my partners but they were pretty far away so I just began following him , not very hopeful it would be anything more then just a beautiful sight and another fish tale. He swam off into the distance as I tried to follow him and i thought Oh well that sucks. I swam around looking with zero hope for about a minute then to my surprise here he came from my left coming to get another glance at me. I took a breath and dove down about 10 feet to see if he would actually give me a shot and to my surprise he was hardly backing down much. I pulled my rubber back far as Ii could pull and kept at him then with all my might thrusted forward to add some power as I released my grip and BOOOM , sank my tip half way through his skull. He was a bit calm and confused at first and i thought,"did i brain him?" Then all off a sudden WOOOSH he took off with a boom and started swimming in circles around me and i tried not to let my prongs slip out. I held on for about 15 spins trying too keep the pressure till i could hold my breath no more and tried to angle myself up to get a breath of air and then I felt the spinning stop. "Oooo nooo... he had slipped off and there went my fish" i was thinking. I started swimming in the direction he had gone and about 20 yards away there he was on the floor of the ocean swimming very slow trying to recuperate. I quickly tried to pull my prongs back into place and took another breath praying he would not bolt off. I dropped down again and crank my spear once more and gave him another blow into his head. He tried to give me another round of spins but this time he wasn't as strong . I hurried up and tried to twist him off balance with my left hand on his head and then released my right hand from my spear and stuck my hand into his gill... haha ouuuuch! He flexed his sharp gills crushing my hands but thankfully did not burst out much swimming energy and as quickly as i possibly could i un-clipped my cheap knife and started jabbing at his head. I didn't feel like the knife was reaching deep enough but he was hardly moving. I shook him around trying to see if i would get a reaction from him but nothing. All I had was a few more gill flexes, twitchy eye shakes and small kicks from him. I started swimming my way in back to shore with my prongs still in his head and my hands in his gill. The whole time screaming underwater in joy. I reached my partner and we both started yelling and celebrating the amazing catch. I did a final 20 foot drop holding the fish with me and feeling so spiritual - telling him good bye as it would be his final time down there with me . As I got to shore I made sure it was my duty to exit him alone with no help as I felt it was my honor and responsibility. I gave my dive gear to my partner to climb it up the ledge an

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