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World Record  
12.4 kg. ,   27.4 lbs.
Halibut, California    Paralichthys californicus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Tracy Fridye
Date: 6/3/2020

I was swimming along the sand in about 5-6ft of viz and 12 feet of water when I noticed in the corner of my eye the white tips of the dorsal fin sticking out of the sand next to a huge lump. I let myself float up a few feet since I was so close to the bottom and nailed him in the gill plate. It lifted off the bottom a few times after I gave it some slack, then I went to grab it by both sides of the shaft since it was a secure shot. I called my boyfriend over (Mat Wittmeier) saying "I got a fish! Its a big one!" He swam over and could hardly believe it, but he said "now you have to go take care of it and get it into the boat! Don't let him get off the shaft!" I rested easy as soon as it hit the deck.
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