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World Record  
5.3 kg. ,   11.7 lbs.
Sweetlips, Minstrel    Plectorhinchus schotaf
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Jorge Paulo Lemann
Date: 12/15/2019
Location: OMAN

I was diving with Francisco Loffredi a shallow coast line, only off a few 100m from nearby sandy beach There where rocks from surface until about 10m and then a flat sandy bottom. A school of the sweetlips where swimming along the rocks, in and out caves and boulders, making them hard to target. At certain point the school drifted off the rocks and over the sand. Looked like my opportunity. When I dove over them, school seemed kind of undecided in what direction to go, giving me the chance to shoot well the biggest individual of the group with my Cressi Cherokee Ocean 100 ( 7mm shaft and reel). Francisco was next to me at time of shot and got the action on camera. We eat the sweetlips later that nigh, firm white flesh, very tasty.
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