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World Record  
7.6 kg. ,   16.7 lbs.
Pike, Northern    Esox lucius
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Savanah McGuire
Date: 10/11/2017
Location: US

I was avoiding getting in the water as the weather was cold this crisp winter morning. Air was 28 degrees and the water was below 50 degrees. We all hunted different directions in hope of finding a large pike. After an hour I was done and wanted out. Vis was about 10' and I saw this weird mosaic rock on the bottom. I took a dive to give it a poke and just as I got near it swam away, A BIG Pike, the first I have ever seen. I gave 4 good kicks to chase it down and got a tail shot on it. The fight was on, it dragged me around for a bit and I finally got it to the surface as I screamed for help. No help was coming as my Dad only laughed at me and made me secure it and string it to my float. This is my biggest and best fish to date, you can tell by the smile on my face. This broke Jessica's record by 2x+, I was so stoked.
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