International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
45.2 kg. ,   99.6 lbs.
Tuna, Pacific Bluefin    Thunnus orientalis
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Skye Bailey
Date: 9/2/2019

It was the fourth and final day of our spearfishing charter with Guardian Charters out of San Diego, California. It was also the first day I had the chance to see a Blue Fin Tuna in the water. Captain Evan Wagley put Danny and me on a spot that looked promising. I loaded my Koah Bluewater gun, slid in the water and immediately punched a dive. At around 40 feet, tuna were circling me. I picked the closest one and took my shot. It hit! I swam to the surface to see that my dive buddy, Danny had a tuna on too. Everyone screamed in excitement, and I started the long process of fighting my fish to the surface. The shot was right through the tail of the fish, so it fought me hard to the end. Once I got to the shooting line, I clipped it to the float and the guys threw me a reel gun from the boat. I loaded one band on the reel gun, dove and put a quick second shot right through the gill plate. I knew at that point that this fish was going to make it in the boat. I pulled the line up the rest of the way, got my hands in the fish’s gills and swam it to the back of the boat. I knew it was a good size tuna, but I could not believe that it was almost 100 pounds!

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