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World Record  
37.5 kg. ,   82.6 lbs.
Halibut, Pacific    Hippoglossus stenolepis
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Donald Bodkin III
Date: 7/23/2019

Ran out of Seward at 7am and anchored up in 40 of water in a small cove to get out of the current. We had already chopped 5 gallons of herring for chum, so as soon as we were set I started chumming. After 20 minutes or so I hopped in and started diving. On around my 20th dive I went down on the chum that my wife was continuing to drop and found about a 55 lb halibut which I shot and landed after an easy fight. After he was in the boat my wife joined me for a few dives then we switched places and I stared chopping the second days chum and dropping some in the water. After an hour she was cold and climbed back in the boat to start dinner. I decided to take one last look and on my third dive a halibut rocketed up from the bottom and almost completely out of sight. I kicked hard in her direction until I could see his outline in the murk, aimed center mass and pulled the trigger. I surfaced grabbed my float line an gently brought her to the surface. Once within reach I used my knife to cut her gills and get her bleeding and she took off. I swam back to the boat and traded my koah blue water for my 55 inch riffe marauder. I loaded the gun swam back to my line and gently pulled the fish into sight. I dropped down and put the kill shot on her. After she was subdued I swam her to the boat for pictures and hoisted her in.
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