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World Record  
6.6 kg. ,   14.4 lbs.
Snapper, Yellow    Lutianus argentiventris
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: William Bailon
Date: 8/2/2019
Location: ECUADOR

We when out fishing on august 2ndat 4am, he had a good report of fishing up north the coast a place named “Cabo Pasado” its about 42 miles from Manta city, once we arrived we did not had luck on the place of fishing and the visibility was not the best, you where not able to see much to be honest. The water visibility changes constantly on the coast of Ecuador because of the currents and the geographic position, we arrive back to Manta and we still want it to go fishing, so there for we head to a point 4 miles of Manta and about 18 meter deep, the fish finder showed some good activity and thermocline. I made the drop and once I made it to the bottom I was waiting and then I spot a small group of pargos and looking around from 3 I aim for the big one, came back up I store it on the boat so I can prepare for a second drop, where I got other one a bit smaller and on the third drop they where all gone. A older fisherman told me that those pargos are rare to see them that big so I decide it to weight it and reach out the page and I saw the record was 13.1 and mine was 14,45

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