International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
119.5 kg. ,   263.5 lbs.
Marlin, Striped    Kajikia audax
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Rochele Potter
Date: 5/4/2019

I jumped off the boat into an incredible sight, about 30 marlin were hunting a ball of bait fish that were on the surface. One swept close it was big enough but I missed, it felt like ages before I had my gun reloaded. On my second approach to the bait a marlin came in from my opposite side, smashed the bait and turned across in front of me, it was big and I shot it at close range right above the pectoral fin, I was really happy with the shot. At first the marlin didn't react and I thought I might secure it quickly, but it soon woke up and I was skimming across the surface like a waterski. Soon my hands and forearms were exhausted trying to grip the thin line, I took a wrap but it just crushed my right hand and I couldn’t help sliding down to the 2nd float where I clamped my arms over the line desperate to rest my hands. The surface speed of the fish made the fight hard and for a while I wasn’t sure I could hang on. Very slowly I moved the 2nd float forward with its clip until it was at the start of the float line, then I repeated the exercise with my first float. Nat had jumped in and he passed me a second gun with line and float, it took me 5 goes to load it due to my exhausted arms and the awkwardness of being dragged. To get a second shot I let go the float line and sprinted forward until above the marlin which dived, I dived and tried to fire the gun but it wouldn’t fire! I had to come up and grab the line again, I checked the safety and gun setup but it was correct. Unsure what had happened I repeated the sprint and dive, again the gun wouldn’t fire, in desperation I put my left hand on as well and suddenly it fired and the spear went through the fish vertically behind the dorsal fin. My swollen right hand was the cause of the problem, it was numb. I used the second shot line to haul on the marlin and started pulling it up backward. Soon I was able to dive down, grab its bill and swim it to the surface. Immediately I icky’d it and was proud and thankful to have landed this beautiful fish.

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