International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
13.8 kg. ,   30.5 lbs.
Wolffish, Atlantic    Anarhichas lupus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Anthony Broadhead
Date: 8/11/2019
Location: NORWAY

We had been working hard all day on the hunt for a Trophy out of the Nordic Fijords. An absolutely stunning place, but diving is made hard because of cold water, low visibility, and at times very strong currents. This particular spot we had been drift diving for around a kilometer searching the sea floor for Halibut and Wolf Fish. The terrain was really good, sandy patches broken up by small reef structures, perfect area for our target species. Near the end of the drift I took another dive, to around 12m. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a nice sandy patch with a long white object in the middle of it. Wolf fish!! Getting closer I could see it was around 7 to 8kg, then about 4 - 5m away I saw the tail of another sticking out from behind a rock. I swam a couple of meters above the rock, and saw the fish I was looking for! It was lying on its side looking straight up at me which presented me with the perfect holding shot into the side of its head. I must have hurt it because it didn't put up much of a fight. As I got to the surface i called the boat over, and we successfully landed the fish! Because of its epic set of jaws, i passed the shaft straight to Oliver and he lifted it onto the boat. I wasn't keen to try and iki it in the water.. Only once i climbed onto the boat, i got to realize that this was the trophy I was after and the fish of a lifetime... It was an epic adventure with a great bunch of mates!!

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