International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
94.0 kg. ,   207.2 lbs.
Marlin, Striped    Kajikia audax
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Nat Davey
Date: 6/4/2019

After 7 hours scanning the horizon for birds we finally can see some diving in the distance. As we got closer we could see some large splash's. Rochele yelled MARLIN. I was franticly getting my gear on and Pole Spear ready. Rochele yelled GO, Sam and myself jumped off the back of the boat into the prop wash. As the bubbles started to clear i could make out a bait ball with multiple Striped Marlin around it. As i approached the Bait ball one of the marlin broke off it to my left. I swam towards it and it turned straight towards me, when it was about 2m away it turned hard left offering me a good broadside shot. I let the 10foot Crist Pole Spear fly hitting the marlin just behind the petrol fin and punching right through. Sam was hollering with joy that we have achieved the first bit of the catch and he had got it all on film. Over the next 25 minutes it was a bit of cat and mouse, i would win some meters then lose some meters. I asked for a second Pole Spear to get another holding shot into it. once i had the second Pole Spear it took about 5mins to get close enough to get it in, a great holding shot down near its tail. A few minutes later the Marlin was mine, i quickly ikied it, high fives with Sam and some under water photos and the job was done

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