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World Record  
12.9 kg. ,   28.4 lbs.
Queenfish, Talang    Scomberoides commersonnianus
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Francisco Loffredi
Date: 7/8/2019
Location: OMAN

Short unpretentious dive on little island in front of my hotel in downdown Muscat. After 5m viz got very dark and one could not see more than a foot. At about 15m there was a thermocline, water got cold but viz improved to about 7m. When returning to surface from a deep dive, I popped out of a layer of very dark water into the last 7 meters of my accent, where the water was warm with great viz. Impression I have is that the Queen fish was patrolling the shallow layer of warm clear water food. As soon as I left the bottom dark water and my head reached the top blue water layer the fish came charging in my direction and initiated to circle me. I had to manoeuvre my gun with both hands in order to aim at the fast moving fish at such close range. Took a waist shot and hit the fish over the pictorial fin. Did not need a second shot to pull it to surface and hand fish to boat. My skipper is an experienced local fisherman. He said that had never seen a Queen Fish so big causing me to investigate the WR possibility.

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