International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.0 kg. ,   15.4 lbs.
Walleye    Stizostedion vitreum
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Christopher Sheets
Date: 6/17/2019

Shortly after putting our one year old to sleep, I saw that the days thunderstorm was starting to break. So with the good graces of my wife I loaded up and headed out to a rock dam that I had been diving for common carp during the mid day for the past couple weeks. This was a spot that I had anticipated walleye would be cruising later in the evening, so with the timing being right I headed out to the local reservoir. As I approached my parking spot I noticed a gentlemen fishing with line and pole right where I wanted to spent he bulk of the evening. So as not to intrude on his solace I proceeded to swim in the opposite direction. The visibility was the best yet this season although, all I was seeing was a few very weary common carp. I soon gave up and started to head into deeper water, as just to practice some dive techniques After a half hour or so of this and with light fading I was just getting ready to call it for the day, as I noticed that my preferred spot was now vacant and the entire shore was now all mine, so I proceeded in that direction in bit deeper water than I typically dive. With the light fading so was the visibility. I scanned the bottom directly below me in approximate 15 foot of water, as I saw a dark shape on the bottom. As I approached from above I saw the distinct flash of white on the fins and I knew it was walleye as it was now directly below me. Being cautious as I could be, I initiated a slow and controlled duck dive and I loaded the band on the pole spear. As I approached, the fish it now knew I was in pursuit. Now on the bottom the fish started to head into deeper water. I matched his speed as best as possible and gave three last hard fin kicks and coasted in close for the final few feet. With my the tip of my spear about 5 feet from his tail fin, I released just as it started to turn. The spear hit hard just behind he dorsal fin and bounced off with out the single flopper engaging. The fish was shocked by the blow, I closed the remaining distance with fish still stunned just off the bottom. I re-powered the band on the pole spear and this time the angle was perfect and at just a few feet. I release again with a perfect hit. At this point I knew it was good fish, and now on my way to the surface I realized that I had gone deeper than I expected during the chase as it seemed like forever as I worked may way to the surface. As I approached my dive buoy, I started to giggle out loud as I knew this was just not another fish. I kicked back to shore and loaded up gear and proceeded to take some a few selfies as best I could. As any good experience goes I proceeded to call a few good buddies to share the the story. They insisted I stop by there places on my way home as to witness the rare size of the fish. I was then recommended to contact this organization and start the verification process still in disbelief that a casual evening dive may have yielded a record fish.

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