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World Record  
16.6 kg. ,   36.5 lbs.
Carp, Common    Cyprinus carpio
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Jeff Watson
Date: 5/5/2019
Location: CANADA

The hunting area was a spot that I had scouted and attempted to hunt the previous year. Conditions were extremely variable, leading to inconsistent visibility. I had become familiar with the terrain and habits of the carp in the area. The water was cold, given that it was May in Canada and the ice on the lake only left 4 weeks ago. It was also my first time in the water this year and my face and hands were quickly feeling the cold and getting numb. Jumped in the water shortly after 1:30 and within :30 mins shot a mid-sized carp. I had expected them to be in this size, based on what I had seen previously. Visibility was decent at 6' and within another :30 mins, saw a very large carp with it's distinctive golden scales 5+' away and INSTANTLY thought "That's a world record!!" What a belly on that pig! I quickly drew only about 2/3 of my band stretch, so as not to spook the fish and landed a solid holding shot. I pulled the spear back quickly to secure / bear-hug the fish and get a good throat / gill-hold. It was thrashing hard, but knowing what I had, I was NOT going to let it wiggle away. I scrambled to grab a knife and brain and bleed the fish (they only have a tiny spot that you can get a blade into, in their bony skull). My heart was pumping and I was super excited to put the fish on my stringer and then had to settle down again and kept on spearing for another hour and a half or so. I made a couple of passes by my float with the stringer hanging off it - once to make sure the fish was still there (paranoia - I didn't want to have to search all over for a dead WR carp!) and another time just to admire the size, compared to what I have caught previously. Not a bad way to start the season! My first WR!

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