International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
18.3 kg. ,   40.2 lbs.
Coralgrouper, Blacksaddle    Plectropomus laevis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Kunpei KOSAKA
Date: 4/19/2019
Location: JAPAN

I and my dive buddy visited a remote island and were searching massive targets for our polespearing. That was really hard day...due to a tiny little cyclone few days ago, the sea was a bit wavy and current was strong at every places that we dove at. Then, we choose one place, that locates at the back side of the wind direction. Sea was a bit wavy though, it's much better than all places where we dove in the morning. After we have swam for an hour, I found nice Yellow-edged lyertail grouper, estimated around 5kg, swimming relaxingly at the bottom. I decided to aim for him (or, her), then hold my breath. At that day, I didn't shoot any fish till that moment, so I thought he will be the best for our dinner. More to say, I love this species. So tasty. Suddenly, a huge fish, maybe twice bigger than the nice grouper, came from the abyss. I haven't seen such a big Blacksaddle Coral Grouper EVER, so I was really overwhelmed by its atmosphere. Then, I descent to him, with charging a 16mm-purple-colored rubber, and getting close to him (or, her)...7m...5m...3m from the tip of my polespear. He was hovering at 2-3m above the sea bed, maybe at 10-12m depth. He was just staring me straightly. This is the most exciting and memorable moment for us spearo especially with groupers, you know. When the distance between us became 2m, I shoot him. A bit before I did, he turned back, so the tip penetrated his left gill plate to right one. There's a big rock behind him, so I had to pull him up with this one breath. I pushed me up strongly, then finally reached to the surface.

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