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World Record  
2.9 kg. ,   6.3 lbs.
Sucker, White    Catostomus commersonii
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Tyler Paslawski
Date: 6/5/2018
Location: CANADA

It was a warm sunny morning in June and my brother Tanner and I decided to head out spearfishing. We left for the closest lake to us. Tanner had plans to meet up with his girlfriend and her grandparents later in the day so we were pressed for time to spear together. The lake on that day was the clearest we had ever seen it. We were spot scouting off the boat and seemed like there was 20 feet of visibility to the bottom, the water was crystal clear. We had spotted lots of smaller eater walleyes and a few nice sized northern pike. We lost track of time driving the boat around gazing upon all the fish and the beautiful water. My brothers girlfriend and party showed up to dock their boat. Tanner and I then headed over to help them and on the way back we had passed over 2 big sucker spawning pits filled with white suckers in about 10-12 feet of water. I dropped Tanner off to give the girlfriend a hand with docking the boat and i was on my own. The plan was to occupy myself in the sucker spawn pits while tanner fished with the girlfriend, we would then later go spear the better game fish, walleye together. I anchored the boat and headed out. On my first dive I swam through the 2 pits and see suckers everywhere. This lake is densely populated with suckers and there is no limit so it is a nice species to hone your skills before tackling the more elusive species such as the walleye. Nearing the end of my first dive and after sizing them up I spot one much larger than the rest. I soon surface to catch my breath for a few moments and head back down. I dive and swim in the direction to which i last spotted it and sure enough she remained in the area. I follow her cautiously and being sure not to make any sudden movements to "spook" the fish. As she became in range of my 32 AB biller she continued swimming on a bad angle. Worried she would speed boost outta there I took careful aim and fired hitting her in the mid section. I swam down and secured my trophy white sucker. As I swam back to the boat i was unsure if she would break the world record as i had thought it had to be at least a minimum of 5lbs to submit. Little did I know there was a previous fish submitted record at 6.2lbs as my brother had informed me. Doubtful that this sucker would break the record we took it home to weigh it anyways. Turns out she weighed just enough to break the previous world record! Shot can be seen under saskspearfishing page on facebook.

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