International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
12.7 kg. ,   27.9 lbs.
Bass, Striped (Freshwater, Landlocked)    Morone saxatilis
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Jennifer Yarbrough
Date: 9/15/2018

We rolled up to the lake early to mid-morning and started doing some warm up dives. Although they were just warm ups, we were still seeing fish. After we were nice a warmed up, we went to the place that we had planned to hunt. My first drop and I was in a school of 10 pounders which was totally cool! But I wanted to wait for a big one. I moved my spot just a tad and made another drop. Nothing on that dive. But I KNEW there were fish in the area, so I didn't want to move too far. I chose another spot close and took a dive. When I punched trough the murk layer, the viz just opened up. As I layed on the bottom, I could see two fish coming at me. But I couldn't tell much about them until they were right next to me! This was a MUCH bigger fish... so I wheeled around slow enough to not spook the fish and pulled the trigger! He didn't put up much of a fight for as big as he was and for the shot placement... but I brought him up to the surface and over to the boat. We all celebrated!

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