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World Record  
13.1 kg. ,   28.9 lbs.
Pike, Northern    Esox lucius
Record Category: Men Speargun

Diver: Bradley Loehr
Date: 8/29/2018
Location: CANADA

I had been in the water for a total of 4.5 hours that day and everywhere I dove was really slow and had a slimy algae that effected the visibility. I had given up and was starting to swim back at a fairly good speed. After a few minutes I noticed a white flash (the pike's belly) on my right side. I turned my head and there was the biggest pike I had ever seen. The pike had swam up from behind me and it was checking me out. I only had a split second to shoot as he was starting to swim away. I shot just behind the head and it took off with tremendous speed. I grabbed onto the line and tried to give it a bit of resistance, right away I got pulled along by the pike. I swam as hard as I could to get up close while putting a bit of resistance on the line, getting within arms reach I grabbed it and bear hugged it so I could get my grip on its gill plate. It thrashed and fought the whole time till I was able to get it onto shore. This big monster was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and will be something to remember...
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