International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
7.4 kg. ,   16.3 lbs.
Grouper, Tiger    Mycteroperca tigris
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: David Fritch
Date: 6/14/2018
Location: BAHAMAS

Out of West end and North of Memory Rock we were diving a drop off from around 40' to 100' when I saw a couple grouper right on the dramatic ledge. I had seen the Tiger grouper on my previous dive and it moved a little deeper as I went back up from the first dive. After a significant breath up and swim up current I was able to do an accurate dive to around 75-85' and very close to the tiger grouper. As I approached the reef, the fish started to leave. I immediately stopped moving and rubbed the reef which got the grouper to stop. I just sat there until I couldn't anymore and I made a move on the fish. Before it could start to kick away I landed a good shot in the middle of the fish and was also able to pull it off the reef as i started kicking for the surface. Stephanie was waiting as my safety and noticed about a 5-6' reef shark following my fish up from the surface and met the shark at about 40' and "pushed" it away (she intimidated it without touching it). I did my recovery and was able to secure the fish.

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