International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
30.4 kg. ,   67.1 lbs.
Wahoo    Acanthocybium solandri
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Kelsey Albert
Date: 1/7/2018

We traveled 140 miles offshore, departing from Surfside Texas before dawn. It was a 6 hour drive to the wahoo spots. Winds were variable at no more than 10 kts, mostly sunny with intermittent clouds. We made several drift dives over one location. Saw plemty of bullsharks and amberjacks. I threw a few spoons to bring in fish and brought in a few fish. After several attempts and a few more drifts, I managed to bring in a large wahoo,at a depth of 20 feet down. I made a dive to swim parallel to the fish and placed my shot to be around the gill plate. Shot hit about midbody. Fish bolted deep, sinking the float only briefly. The race was on to get the fish up before the bullsharks ate it. I had the two other divers cover me as i brought the fish up as fast as i could. The sharks were very aggressive and I felt my heart pounding as I worked furiously to bring the fosh up. When the fish got close to the surface, I grabbed it by the throat and made my way onto the transom with my prize. No assistance landing this fish, only one shaft needed. No chum. Gun loaded under my own effort. Fish brought to surface by my hands only. I felt very lucky, as the sharks did not enable us to land any other fish thst day. Out of 8 fish shot by our boat, only my fish and one other wahoo made itto the boat. Winds picked up, and I helped drive the 36 ' Southern Cross 7 hours back to shore. Fish was weighed at Surfside Marina certified scale by myself. Keith Love took photos. I feel very grateful for this catch. I am submitting this record, as a new personal best for myself and as a tribute to my friends at Texas Bluewater Safaris fo always taking good care of me. Blessed and honored to have these memories.

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