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World Record  
8.5 kg. ,   18.7 lbs.
Halibut, California    Paralichthys californicus
Record Category: Women Speargun

Diver: Andrea Tese
Date: 4/15/2018

While swimming on the surface with Kody Mulhall and scanning the bottom for Halibut, Kody pointed out what appeared to be a trophy sized fish. I swam over and prepared myself to take the shot. I waited until the surge pushed the kelp away, revealing the Halibut to me. I placed the shot in the head of the fish. The fish pulled out a hundred feet of line and took refuge against reef with kelp attached. I dove down and grabbed the shaft with a hand on each side of the fish. The fish started thrashing, I collected as much line as possible, locked the reel on my gun, and headed for shore. I got the fish on ice as fast as possible, knowing that I had a potential record, and drove to a certified scale.
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