International Underwater Spearfishing Association
World Record  
40.9 kg. ,   90.1 lbs.
Trevally, Giant    Caranx ignobilis
Record Category: Men Sling / Polespear

Diver: Jonathan Barretto
Date: 4/5/2018

I got to one of my favorite spots, meeting up with my buddy Nester, and anchored. I spit in the ole goggles (natural defog), put my fins and weight belt on and jumped in. I could clearly see the bottom at 70' I then see a large Ulua swimming in and out of the hole at the top of the reef. I was actually there to look for pelagics! I thought to myself that's kinda deep to be trying to 3-prong an Ulua! What if I don't stone it? It'll go nuts and break my Evolve pole spear? I gave it a go anyway. I yelled to Nester that I was gonna try and 3-prong the Ulua and to back me up in the event of an emergency. I breathed up and descended on the hole. I laid just on the edge and watch a number of smaller Ulua swimming around. Then the big gal (I say gal because there was a lot of eggs when I cleaned her) emerged and with no fear swam straight at me. I aimed and fired nearly head on! Bango I hit it in that sweet stone shot spot! I nearly yelled but realized I still need to get to the surface first. As I swam up I realized how much drag this big fish was. Normally we'd be at the surface pulling on our reel line, but I could only swim up with the polespear in its head! As soon as I surfaced I could believe it! We yelled and Cheehooed! Next thing was to get to a certified scale! Made to Times Supermarket, who graciously let me weigh my fish there, and placed it in a shopping wagon and walked in, so many people staring in awe! The Philippino Unlces wanted to buy um "I like dah head, make fish soup". The rest was cheeehooos, knuckle bumps, & photos after the 90.1 lb weight was verified.

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