International Underwater Spearfishing Association
Meritorious Award  
22.6 kg. ,   49.8 lbs.
Grouper, White    Epinephelus aeneus
Record Category: Meritorious

Diver: Giwrgos Xaintinis
Date: 6/16/2017
Location: GREECE

when i was on the boat i was looking to find some new locations with my sonar.Suddendly i saw two small rocks to my sonar . I told my friend that i can see two fishes about five-six kilos and a bigger fish which looked like to be above 15 kilos .!!!! Then i diceded to dive and if it was true !!! The depth of the spot was 43 metres and the temperatur of sea was 19c and i started a good preperation for a big dive.When i reached the bottom a white grouper about 8 kilos came close to me and me speargun . I knew that this was not the fish i saw to my sonar so i made an ambush to the other side of the rocks.After five seconds the big white grouper came out of the rock and started looking at me. Then i decided to go forward to the fish .I shot the fish about 3 metres away and i started trying to catch the fish because i didnt want to brake my shaft.I took the fish with me until 18 metres and then i knew it was mine.!!!! Then it was time for celebtaion and photos !!!!!!

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